Common Hole types:

Some of our clients are: 

  • Ferrous, Non ferrous, Plastics and many other materials.
  • X.Y.Z Positioning, Center.
  • Off center and intersecting holes.
  • Production and Prototype.

Materials & Positioning:

  • Tubes from solid.
  • Heater and cooling/water holes.
  • Molds and Injector holes.
  • Gas and Air holes.
  • Lightening holes.
  • Hydraulic holes etc.

We provide gun drilling for: 

​We provide gun drilling  for a wide range of industry's  

Tough Drilling Problems? Gundrilling can bail you out!

Gundrilling is a highly efficient and flexible machining method for deep or shallow precision holes.​

When to consider Gundrilling:  

  • When jobs that would required reaming, boring or honing to meet tolerances, roundness or straightness.
  • When small diameter holes more than one-half a diameter deep.
  • When holes near or through the edge of the part, overlapping holes.
  • When holes in hard materials or in materials that work harden easily.
  • When flat bottom, flat bottom with a radius, round bottom, etc.
  • When cross drilled or angled intersecting holes that might require an internal deburring operation. Concentric, stepped or interrupted holes.


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